Lighting Automation

  • Smart Phone -Voice based Lighting Control
  • Automatic control of lighting system with Sensors
  • Dimming of the lights depending on the natural light level With
  • One touch Scene Creation for Lighting
  • Scheduling the Lights On/Off


  • No More Multiple Remotes Required for different Equipments
  • Control TV, Setup box, Media box & Audio equipment with Smart phone
  • Select the Channel with Icons based Interface
  • Start the Movie/Media with One touch Interface

Multi Room audio/Video

  • Play Different Songs/Video in Different Rooms
  • Play Common Media in all rooms
  • Play media Content from Centralized storage devices like NAS or Cloud
  • Wired / Wireless Solutions Available

Air Conditioning

  • Switch On/Off from Smart phone/Voice.
  • Control Temperature / Fan/ Swing.
  • No Remotes Required.
  • Switch On/off from outside the Home
  • One touch Operation to Create a Scene

Blinds/Curtain Control

  • Open / Close Curtains from Smart Phone.
  • Schedule Open & Close for Every Day Routine operations at same time.
  • Make a Living Room into a Home Theater with One touch Motorized Curtains & Screen

Door/Window Sensors

  • Real Time alerts to Smart phone when door/Window Tampered
  • Helps to Create a Scene with Sequences of Actions with Notifications.
  • Activate & Deactivate through Smart Phone.

Electrical Appliances Automation

  • FAN, Geyser, Oven, Pump, Motor On/Off with Mobile & Voice
  • Real time Monitoring in Smart Phone
  • Schedule the On/Off for Routine Works

LPG/Smoke Detectors

  • Gives Alerts for LPG /Smoke Detection
  • Gives Notification in Smart Phone even if your outside the house
  • Safe & Secure living

CCTV Surviellance

  • Live Video Monitoring with CCTV
  • Real time Alerts
  • Wired & Wireless Solutions Available
  • FHD Video Footages

GPS Tracking

  • Live Location Tracking for Kids / Assets
  • Geo Fencing Options
  • Real time Notifications to Mobile

Gate Controller

  • Automatically Open Sliding/Swing /Shutter gates when Authorized Vehicles comes
  • Switch, Remote & Smart phone Interface Available

Video Door Phones

  • Video Door Bell with Mobile Notification
  • Two Way Audio Communication & one Way Video
  • 200 Log book storage with images for Visitor

Touch Switch Boards

  • Feather Touch Switch Board Experience
  • Wide range of Varieties Available
  • Compatible with Home Automation controllers & Stand Alone Boards
  • Optional Remotes also will be provided

Motion Sensors

  • PIR Motion/ Micro Wave Motion Sensors Available
  • Detects with Natural Light Available
  • Wadrobe Sensors Are also Avaialble

Digital Door Locks

  • Fingerprint, Face, Pin, Card, Password * Mechanical Key Authentications
  • Compatible to open with Smart Phones
  • Rim Locks & Dead Bolt/Strike bolt Locks
  • Integrated with Video Door Phones