Curtain Automation

Curtain Automation can yield immense benefits in a home by controlling natural lighting resulting in convenience, energy savings, preservation of interior decors and enhanced privacy. By using our integrated curtain motors, you can easily control your shades using mobile app or create scenes and set time schedules.

Automatic closing of curtains during warm days can keep indoors cool and contribute to energy savings. Motorized curtains enable protection of expensive interiors by blocking harmful sun rays during the daytime. Motorized curtains can be integrated with home automation systems to automatically close at nights to enable privacy.

Multi-Room Audio systems

Multiroom audio systems enable homeowners to listen to their favorite audio everywhere in the house and also in the garden.

A multi room audio system can deliver music from one central source (media server) or from distributed sources (such as iPods that can feed music in various rooms).

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum systems can be of great benefit in the convenient cleaning and maintenance of spaces

This centralized system promotes hygiene by exhausting stale indoor air outside. They are powerful and can deeply clean compared with manual or portable vacuum systems.

Home Theaters

Bring the movies to your home! Home theaters are becoming increasingly popular as a lifestyle enhancement feature that gives joy to families.

Navaradhi Technologies can design and build home theaters with exceptional performance and beauty. Our theaters include high quality audio processing equipment, aesthetic in-wall speakers, stunning high-definition projectors and large screens that will display life size images when watching your favorite movies or sports events.

We perform acoustic analysis and tune the system for optimal performance. Navaradhi Technologies specializes in building home theaters that can also be used for other complementary purposes such as home disco, karaoke and performance stage for kids with recording capabilities at minimal additional costs. We can transform family rooms or media rooms into the space of your dreams!