We verify and compare brokerage companies and warn our readers about suspicious projects or scam marketing campaigns. We are also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. LimeFX is brokerage that offers sync-trading (sometimes called copy-trading). The main idea is simple, but really cool – you can follow the best traders and save your money and, of course, earn them. Trading with sync-trading feature allows people to copy trades of the most powerful traders. I use it and that’s my only one income source and it really works, you just pay commission that’s based on earnings, so you’ll never pay more comission than you earn.

LimeFX cheating

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. And the most popular question I’m asked is, how to start? For this reason, I decided to write a review about the company where I trade. It is LimeFX, a broker with more than 25 years of experience in the market.


I started trading with LimeFX in 2015, with $200 deposit, than I add $15,000 to my account. The main thing you should understand – trading isn’t easy way to earn money. If you’re not aimed at working hard and learning that complex market, than better avoid trading at all. Even if you think that sync-trading is easy way to earn money – it’s also wrong.

LimeFX have some useful trading tools to help with trade planning and market analysis. The MetaTrader WebTrader offers most of the same features as MT4 and runs directly in most popular web browsers without needing to download or install any additional software. I like how this version of the platform is always up to date and I can access it from any device. LimeFX provide an advanced risk management system that monitors the clients balance in an attempt to prevent losses greater than the initial LimeFX. Under European Securities and Markets Authority regulation they must apply negative balance protection on a per-account basis. I would always prefer to use a regulated brokerage firm as they can give us some protections that an unregulated broker cannot.

  • The broker is legally operating in the EEA zone and few additional countries.
  • And, honestly, I’m satisfied, sync-trading is really the best way to diversify your risks.
  • So placing orders on the terminal is a real pleasure.

I trust this broker more than any other in my trading career. I tell this not only because of the smooth and trouble-free trading process, but also because I appreciate its unique features. But it’s time to give up on MT, there are already much better platforms on the market.


This is where I learned how to work with variable spreads, learned MT5 with its many features, etc. And also here I tried training at group lessons and even worked with the help of synchronous trading. And I saw that it is possible to earn even using the passive format. I can’t say it’s the best brokerage company, but it definitely has some good services that you can use freely in your work.

If you feel that LimeFX is not right for you then at the bottom of this LimeFX review you will find a lot of alternatives to LimeFX. LimeFX https://limefx.group/ admits the importance of owning a fast order execution. A fast execution will allow users to exchange without fretting about slippage safely.

Let’s review the types of derivatives on different assets. Also, it is worth pointing out a small number of instruments for passive income in the range of the broker’s services. Factually, there is only one – copy trading service. We contacted LimeFX’s customer support to clarify the situation with the licenses. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that LimeFX does not have a license. Therefore, the customers of the organization are not protected in any way.

On the one hand, we have simple and familiar to many users platforms, while on the other hand, the broker doesn’t offer anything new to the customers. NDD (trading account provides access to interbank liquidity, although there are spreads and commissions here. In addition, marginal trading becomes available to the users on this account. There is no minimum deposit requirement on LimeFX. The broker also does not have any restrictions on minimum transactions, depending on the payment methods. Therefore, LimeFX is well suited for the beginners and customers with small capital. Investing into the copy trading service is the key option for passive income on LimeFX platform.

It does not depend on the amount in the account either. On their site, you can find a lot of free trading strategies with pictures. As I know, this broker has its own trading community.

If your balance is unfavorable, LimeFX indicates that you contact customer services. For this, you can fix any imbalances within your own account. With this virtual LimeFXdemo account, you are able to experiment in any way, to whatever length you desire. You can even open positions, examine different trading strategies, and more. If trading forex pairs is of interest to you then LimeFX offer over 60 currency pairs. The first kind of fees to keep an eye out for are trading charges.

Review of MT4 trading platform on LimeFX

There are Asian companies on the list as well, but not many. Broker’s reliability is one of the key factors of choice. Experience in the market since 1994 speaks in favor of LimeFX.

In this case, many people who are not serious about trading will come to trade. But, on the other hand, it is psychologically better to trade small, but real money than for months on a demo account. When it comes to account types, you will find that you have three choices with LimeFX, each of these featuring a MetaTrader trading platform. You can select from the MT4 Standard Account, where there is no commission on trading.

  • I don’t know really, maybe this is just my bad luck, but with THREE other brokerages I tried to work with this have been a major issue.
  • There were a lot of good reviews about this broker and I decided to start trading with LimeFX.
  • But this doesn’t mean that online brokers don’t charge any fees.
  • All they have to do is copy the trades of experienced traders.

I like that I can master me learning shedule and adjust it as I want. Also, I decided not to stay without profit when learning, so I registered sync-trading limefx review account and now I passively earn money. I know many traders who use the same broker and I know we all might have differnt opinions.

Sharp ECN

This strengthens the capital and gives confidence in the future. The company has an excellent service for copy trading. I like the fact that you can start making profits even without much experience in trading.

  • From official data, 2 major banks on Cyprus went bankrupt as a result of a default in Greece.
  • LimeFX.eu is a broker licensed and regulated by the CySec.
  • This means that at all times, LimeFX must know exactly who they are dealing with so that if there is any investigation they are comfortable that they are well within the law.

Copy-trading offered by that brokerage is one of the best oppotunities, as I think. I’m 40 years old and that’s a challenge to learn trading, so I’m learning but my money are already in copy-trading, so I get profit even despite I can’t trade on my own. The demo is of course the right decision – all traders, without exception, use it.

Broker with big experience

When opening an account, I was promised high-quality analytics from the company’s specialists, and I received it. The speed of work on a real account turned out to be as high as on a demo account during training. So placing orders on the terminal is a real pleasure. And most importantly, fast and accurate execution of orders. It seems that it suits me too, but I want more, so I’m thinking of using the paid one.

Even if no fees have been implied by LimeFX, it’s better for you to close the account if you’re inactive. Inactivity fees are not only charged by brokerage firms but also many financial services. But this doesn’t mean that online brokers don’t charge any fees. They charge fees of varying rates for a variety of services to make money. There are primarily three different types of penalties for this objective.

The company offers exciting conditions for its clients. Andorid mobile devices and tablets are used by millions of people globally. Technology plays a substantial role at LimeFX. They features trading on MT4, MT5, limefx company reviews Mac, Web Trader, Tablet & Mobile apps (Ios & Android). LimeFX is honest, transparent, and a well-regulated agent by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission , The markets in financial instruments directive .

Yes, LimeFX offers customer support over the telephone. This may seem to be a small number, but over the year, it adds to a significant amount of gains. Even though LimeFX provide you all of the tools to earn money, they cannot guarantee you will gain. It majorly owes this standing to its incredible platform and wide selection of resources plus tools so you can put money into capital markets. LimeFX is a great broker, and its users may vouch for it. The highlight of this platform is its fast order execution on trades.

LimeFX also includes excellent trading conditions which are readily available to all and not only an elite group of institutional customers. The tight spreads and fast executions are a fantastic advantage for all traders. The technology adopted by LimeFX is among the maximum caliber, ensuring that it is fast, dependable, and efficient. I would like to note such a good feature of LimeFX – here trading on a demo account and a real one are almost the same. If everything is going well for you while learning on the demo, be sure that the real account will not disappoint you either.