• Menson’s Hotel Manager HO Module is a solution that incorporates all the features of the POS while also enabling chain restaurants to operate smoothly with a consolidated view of all the outlets for the management team. Some of the features are: Sales Comparison between outlets Auto generated Consolidated Reports from all outlets Modifications access on the Master report sheets only at the HO level Real-time data view MIS Reports.

  • It is ideal for Small and Medium sized Hotel properties, Motels and Resorts. The system is scalable and enhances efficiency for better guest satisfaction and increased revenues.

    • Reservation, Check-in, Check-out, Guest Profile Management
    • Corporate Booking Module
    • Holiday Package Module
    • Online booking integration
    • POS Billing Interface
    • Call Billing Software
    • House-Keeping Module
    • Door Lock Interface
    • Real-Time data notification via SMS
    • Tally Interface
    • MIS Reports


  • This is a Restaurant Management Software System caters to any size of restaurants, from Quick Service to fine dining and restaurants chains by providing complete automation of restaurant management. Some of the key features are:

    • Option to operate on touch-screen, tablets, smart phones and keyboards.
    • Home Delivery and Take-Away Mode
    • Drive-Thru & Self-Service Kiosk Mode
    • Advance Order Mode
    • Promotion and Happy Hour
    • Compatible to connect to weighing scale, Cash Drawer and Barcode Reader
    • Compatible to interface with PMS module for Room Service Billing
    • Pizza with Toppings Module
    • Table Reservation
    • KDS (Kitchen Display System)
    • Over 100 reports that can be printed on EPSON POS printer and Office printer
    • Regular updates via SMS or Mails
    • Option to print in different languages on remote unlimited KOT printers
    • Works with minimum hardware requirements
  • [vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text responsive_js_composer_custom_id="6b796388-607d6547bc2fc"]With the material and raw material price rising at one end and the margins deteriorating at the other, it has become crucial to manage the materials as well as standardise the process across all branches to ensure minimum waste and cost savings. With our Stores MMS we assure our clients huge savings on their costs with improved profitability.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/2"][vc_column_text responsive_js_composer_custom_id="6b796388-607d6547bc2fc"]

    For Store
    Purchase Order
    Vendor Payments
    Kitchen Indent
    Recipe-wise batch Issue
    General Issue to Departments like Kitchen etc.
    Item Conversion
    Tally Interface
    MIS Reports

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    For Central Kitchen
    Purchase Order
    Vendor Payments
    Outlet Indent
    Outlet Distribution
    Outlet Return
    Integration with Store Module
    Tally Interface
    MIS Reports


  • Smart Shopkeeper is a comprehensive software systems for management of Retails /whole sale industry

    It is a complete retail management solution offering inventory control, point of sale, accounting, reporting and much more.

    The solution is flexible and fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your retail business. From a streamlined interface, inventory precision to rich customer data capture, Shopkeeper makes it easy for retailers to increase efficiency, engage the customer and boost retail performance..

    Shopkeeper is built with all the smarts that businesses need to sell more and engage more.

    • Product Age Based Discounts
    • Strict Control On Product Sales

    It also includes Stock Transfer (one Branch to Another).