However, earning this degree may help you advance to higher-earning positions more quickly. Earning a Graduate Degree in computer science can take 4 years to complete. People that have earned their Graduate Degree typically make $161,116 compared to $74,540 for those without that type of degree. Back-End Developers are in high demand as businesses rely on them to keep their websites and applications running. This reliance on their skills means these developers can expect a competitive salary — currently averaging at $108,507 in the U.S., according to

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How do I become a backend engineer

If you’d prefer the formal training route, there are a few strong options for aspiring backend developers. You can choose to attend a coding bootcamp that will get you started quickly, or you can go the traditional learning route to get a more thorough understanding of the discipline. Backend engineers perform lots of server-side scripting and maintain servers so that front end developers can easily and reliably access a site’s data structure.

Well-organized, readable code allows developers to make changes and edits on time and interpret its contents without confusion. With help from Career Karma, you can find a training program that meets your needs and will set you up for a long-term, well-paid career in tech. You’ll have to learn several different technologies that work in concert to make your goals happen. If you enjoy the process, it’ll be a fun challenge as opposed to a grueling chore. Oracle maintains the MySQL infrastructure, and this certification shows you’ve mastered its development process.

Onsite Interview

But you’ll still see it used for plenty of websites, and there’ll be backend developer jobs that require it. One reason JavaScript tops the list is that it’s useful for both frontend and backend developers. While its most common use is as a scripting language rendered by browsers, the NodeJS runtime environment lets web developers use it for backend development as well. While frontend and backend developers often work together, they have a different arsenal of programming languages and skills. You may have heard of full stack developers, who possess both front end and backend developer skills.

These engineers are similar to backend developers, but they work on more innovative and creative projects. Entry-level backend developers are usually tasked with managing pre-existing code for a web application, but as you advance in the field, you’ll gain more responsibility. Regardless of your level in the field, you’ll need to know many different database concepts to work at your full potential. Remember, there are a variety of ways you can gain the back end developer skills you need to be successful. You can choose a formal degree program or opt for a coding boot camp to learn web development. The most popular back-end development programming languages include Java, PHP, Net Framework (C#, VB, F#), Ruby, Python, SQL, and JavaScript.

How do I become a backend engineer

These developers are essential as they provide the services that the front end of an application needs to function. Your learning journey never ends after you’ve started working as a backend developer. Technology is always evolving, and new skills can expand your career opportunities. It’s a lifelong process, and you have to stay involved to get the results you want.

Step 2: Begin Your Studies

But many don’t realize that there are lucrative opportunities for developers who love working with different types of databases. If you’re interested in learning how to become a backend developer, you’ve come to the right place. The best way to start down the path to becoming a backend developer is to learn a programming or scripting language. Python, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP are all skills that you’ll see in many backend developer job postings. It includes various coding languages, libraries, and editors.

It can take several months to learn the knowledge and skills you’ll need as a Back-End Developer — or longer, depending on your schedule and pace. Committing a set amount of time to your learning can accelerate the process, so set a goal for how many hours you’d like to dedicate to your coding each week. The length of time it takes to become a Back-End Developer varies from person to person. If you’re already familiar with a couple of programming languages, you’ll progress quicker than someone new to programming altogether.

  • Java is a general-purpose programming language, and while it can run on a browser, it’s primarily intended for backend development.
  • Before we dig into these skills, let’s first discuss back end development in its wider context.
  • Python, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP are all skills that you’ll see in many backend developer job postings.
  • As per Hired, back-end engineer jobs were in high demand in 2020.

Before we dig into these skills, let’s first discuss back end development in its wider context. They serve as the wizards to the tech sector’s Oz, crafting the core features and components of the programs that drive consumers’ digital experiences. Back end developers are in hot demand, and there are some essential skills you’ll need to learn if you want to become one. Back-end engineers maintain and upgrade a company’s digital projects.

Should I Become a Backend Developer in 2021?

You should revise basic Data Structures and Algorithm Stack, Queue, Linked List, Tree, Graph, Hashing, Sorting & Searching Algorithms, and other core concepts of programming. When it is such a lucrative field, there’s bound to be good money in it. That’s why it’s only natural that the young generation is attracted to web development as a career.

How do I become a backend engineer

You will also monitor the software development team to meet a deadline. Version control systems help you manage changes made to the code of your project. If you work on any kind of team, you’ll probably need to use a version control tool like Git or Apache Subversion. Familiarity with one of those systems is a requirement for some developer jobs.

What does a Back-End Developer do?

These individuals ensure easy access to data that drives functional web applications. A career in back end development is an excellent option for those who are interested in programming and are passionate about technology. As you work toward deciding what career path you want to take, you’ll also be deciding what your educational path looks like. Indicate back-end engineer job that the digital world is thriving; researchers predict that by 2021, global e-commerce retail sales will top $4.5 trillion. Today, nearly half of Americans pick up their smartphones before they even roll out of bed! We’re looking at the news, chatting with friends, checking our email, and visiting our favorite social media and brand websites.

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5 things developers love about their work, and 5 things they don’t.

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If not, you can always enroll for a basic computer language course to obtain exposure to the groundwork. This is only to ensure that you don’t fall short at any stage once you set on the path of learning back-end development. Following entry-level, there are several Back End Engineer career path levels to advance into.

How to Become a Backend Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide

The path to becoming a great backend developer is never simple or clear-cut. It’s chaotic, full of mistakes and experiments that only you have to go through. No school, book, YouTube video, Blog post, or another resource can teach you everything there is to know about backend engineering. But communication is also an important aspect of most backend developer jobs. You’ll probably work on projects with a team of fellow developers. You may need to incorporate ideas from clients, product managers, or other stakeholders.

How do I become a backend engineer

Senior developers with over six years of experience make about $123,077. Junior developers with up to three years of experience usually earn around $78,000 a year, again, depending on location and industry. If you like writing applications but hate data structures, then it will seem easier, and vice versa. Do your research on both sides and see which appeals to you more. Much like AWS, this company also offers a cloud application developer certification to help you learn its intricacies. No matter where you end up working, this Microsoft certification will be useful.

Lead Software Engineer

For tips on how to prepare, check out our technical interview guide. Before your interview, you’ll want to rehearse with some practice questions. Search for these questions online, write them down, then practice your answers. This will spark your thought process and help you sound more confident when faced with those questions during your interview. If you include it with a resume, format it in block style like you would a business letter. If you’re sending it as an email, be sure to include an opening salutation like “Dear,” followed by the recipient’s name, and a complimentary close such as “Sincerely.”

If you want to expand beyond the basics, many bootcamps also offer full stack courses to help you master both sides of a site’s structure. While there are many technical skills a back end developer needs, there are some useful non-technical ones as well, and communication ranks high on that list. Being able to communicate clearly also helps when working with business leaders and other professionals who do not have the same background in development and programming.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Become a Backend Developer?

Backend developers earn an average salary of $81,161, according to PayScale. PayScale also reports that you can expect an entry-level salary of around $61,042 per year. After five to nine years in the field, you can start making around $95,000 per year. It is more abstract than frontend engineering but essential to ensure the smooth running of a software application. If you ever need to deal with relational databases — and if you’re a back end developer, there’s little doubt that you will — you need to know SQL.

Step 3: Earn Some Experience

Also, please be aware that understanding the basics of programming is a must. If you’re not already familiar with them, start with languages like C, Java, or Python and try to understand how application logic works, the best practices of coding, etc. Learning back-end development helps you get acquainted with several programming languages, which can help your career a great boost. If you have a basic understanding of how logic works, it can prove to be quite beneficial.