While Slack’s chat and channels may be a bit overwhelming, especially in bigger teams, it does offer a solid video conferencing component for more focused video calls. Skype designed for business comes with many features perfect for your business. For example, it has a lack of integrated audio features and also a lack of hardware support. Depending on your web conferencing software, you can join meetings on a computer without needing to download or install any desktop apps as long as you have a browser like Chrome or Safari. With Dialpad, all you need to do is ask the meeting host to send you an invite.

The platform has undergone several serious overhauls since 1996 and is still one of the best video conferencing tools for larger teams and organizations. Taskade is also one of the few project management platforms that offer integrated, 100% free video conferencing, with no limit to the number of meeting participants. You can chat and collaborate with your team in the same app, in the same window, without having to pay extra or install any add-ons. Cisco owned, hosted, and developed this amazing meeting application. Just like another application mentioned above, this app doesn’t let you make a conference call with more than three participants.

The main criteria we used to evaluate each platform can be boiled down to user experience, audio and video quality, and management considerations, including admin tools and security. We paid particular attention to each platform’s user interface, its in-meeting features, and how easy it was to use without the need for prior training. The good news is that all six platforms provided us with solid audio and video, along with a good range of features that helped to enhance the experience of each video call we conducted.

If you want a platform that allows you to check in with your team without any bells or whistles, then this might provide you with the answer. BlueJeans offers four Virtual Meetings plans, providing more advanced administrative capabilities with each tier. With Pro plan and above, the platform offers integrations with dozens of enterprise productivity, collaboration, marketing, and IT management and security apps. LogMeIn developed this Join.Me app and powered it with many collaboration tools.

Offers a free plan for meetings with up to 2 participants, and its Pro plan is priced at $12 per month while the Premium plan costs $25 per month. Like Gather, Hopin is a virtual venue for hosting events like webinars, workshops, and conferences, albeit in a more conventional manner. The platform comes with several https://globalcloudteam.com/ cool event features like ticket sales, attendee management, and analytics. Our goal at Taskade is to make remote collaboration as frictionless as possible. That’s why we created a platform that combines the power of video, chat, and project management. Taskade is a true lovechild of Asana, Trello, and Google Docs.

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Cisco now offers other Webex-branded products such as Webex Events and Webex Contact Center, but when people say “Webex,” they typically mean Webex Meetings. Fifteen months after the US and Europe went into lockdown for the first time, many office-based employees have still not returned to their pre-pandemic workplaces. During that time, videoconferencing apps have continued to see an unprecedented — and unsurprising — level of popularity. And as conversations about what the workplace of the future might look like gather steam, organizations are increasingly looking to firm up their collaboration technology stack to support a shift to hybrid work.

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Online Meeting is a powerful video conferencing, web conferencing, and collaboration tool designed to help teams work better together. Another bluish tool on our list, BlueJeans is an e-meeting tool that dates back to 2009. Following its acquisition by Verizon in 2020, BlueJeans has grown into a suite of communication solutions for all kinds of applications, including events and telehealth. Last but not least, you can use a shared team calendar to schedule meetings and notify your team about upcoming events.

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Is one of the most popular and easiest-to-use tools for online meetings. Though it comes with the G suite at $6 monthly, it is also available to free Google users. When it comes to communication aesthetics, Whereby (formerly appear.in) has it all figured out. A beautiful and simple video meeting app, Whereby remote meeting apps is a browser-based solution that lets you host video calls without logging in or downloading anything. Bitrix24 is another interesting tool for holistic project management with a video conferencing option. The app works well for both personal and business projects across all types of industries.

How Secure Are Free Conference Call Meetings?

You wouldn’t talk over the presenter in a meeting room, so why would you do that in an online meeting or webinar? But what happens if an urgent question comes up during a presentation? Dialpad has an in-meeting chat (and emoji reactions!) so that attendees can talk to each other and the presenters in a non-disruptive way. One colleague’s audio was muted the entire time, even though the in-meeting settings indicated that wasn’t the case.

  • Slack is a popular team collaboration tool and communication platform.
  • And as conversations about what the workplace of the future might look like gather steam, organizations are increasingly looking to firm up their collaboration technology stack to support a shift to hybrid work.
  • BlueJeans App is using events, rooms, and meetings system to enable the video meeting everywhere.
  • When it comes to communication aesthetics, Whereby (formerly appear.in) has it all figured out.
  • Additionally, offering a limited number of features means that users of the free version don’t have a noticeably poorer in-meeting experience, as was the case with some of the other platforms we tried.

With up to 100 people, however, it is limited to just 40 minutes. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

As previously mentioned, Google has recently rolled out a host of new features for Google Meet, and the platform is better for those changes. For example, Webex automatically locks virtual meeting rooms when a meeting starts. It also provides hosts with the capability to screen users before they enter a meeting, stopping any unauthorized personnel from joining a call they shouldn’t be a part of.

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The only workaround a colleague found was to source an older version of the software and download that instead — but when he tried to launch the desktop app, it opened the web app in a browser instead. So, all the desktop users ended up using the web app, and only in Chrome or Microsoft Edge; the GoToMeeting web app doesn’t support Safari or Firefox. If the meeting host and all the participants are already hardwired into Google Workspace, then Google Meet is the easiest and most obvious videoconferencing choice to use.

We compared Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting in real-world tests to see which videoconferencing platforms perform best for business users. If you have a team of 20 employees, then you shouldn’t go for any tool that offers less than 20 participants in a meeting. Select the tool that will satisfy your business requirements.

Best Video Conferencing Apps For Virtual Meetings Features & Pricing Reviewed

Although GoToMeeting isn’t the shiniest videoconferencing product we tested, it does more or less everything you need in an uncomplicated and unfussy way. Setting up a meeting and dialing in is easy for both established and first-time users. Despite this, the free version of Google Meet continues to be one of the more basic platforms in this roundup; however, that isn’t necessarily a criticism. Additionally, offering a limited number of features means that users of the free version don’t have a noticeably poorer in-meeting experience, as was the case with some of the other platforms we tried.

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Thankfully, no one on our test call abused this newfound power, but this could definitely cause an issue if meeting with third-party users. When I first downloaded the desktop app to set up the meeting, I was immediately put off by the fact that my webcam was automatically turned on and my face became the background of the log-in screen. At no point was I warned that this would happen or asked if I wanted to toggle this setting on or off before my camera turned on. Once logged into the app, I was able to disable my camera, but having my face unexpectedly staring back at me while I entered my username and password was not something I welcomed. It offers cutting edge security to keep data safe and allows you to share screens and record the meeting or webinar. Online Meeting for Slack makes it easy for your teams to meet face-to-face no matter where they are, share their screens, and collaborate better together.

Even though it comes with an app, Dialpad Meetings is also truly browser-based! That means not only can you join a video meeting from your web browser, you can also host a meeting from a browser—while having access to all the functionality you would in the app. Google Meet is included with Google Workspace , the vendor’s office suite.

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Since our last review, my office has transitioned from Google Workspace to Office 365, meaning that setting up this meeting wasn’t quite as convenient as it was last year. However, despite my lack of access to Google Calendar, scheduling a meeting in Google Meet was still relatively pain free. You simply go to Google Meet in your browser, click “new meeting,” and select “create a meeting for later” from the drop-down menu that appears to receive the meeting link.

This will arrive in the form of a link sent to you via email or SMS. With Dialpad Meetings’ free plan, participants can share screens and work on documents together in real-time. If you’re regularly giving presentations or reviewing visual projects with remote teammates, screen sharing is pretty much essential. Her face was also covered by the microphone and camera buttons.

We Compared Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Bluejeans, And Gotomeeting In Real

During our test calls, we found the level of accuracy the AI-driven feature provided was outstanding. One colleague who joined the Webex call via her iPhone experienced an issue with the breakout room function. Instead of entering her assigned room, her mobile app crashed, and she was forced off the call and unable to join the breakout room. Essentially, online meetings are just face-to-face meetings that you have using the Internet. These can be audio or video meetings, You might’ve also heard friends and colleagues call them virtual meetings or video meetings.

Depending on which free video conferencing software you’re using, you can have anywhere from just two to 10 or more participants in your virtual meeting or conference room. This makes free online meeting tools ideal for small businesses and startups, which might not have the funds to invest in a more expensive plan from the get-go. Generally speaking, the average conferencing tool or video call software lets you host online meetings that get pretty close to the face-to-face experience. If you have a distributed or remote team, this is the next best thing. If your meeting tools have things like HD video functionality and a built-in messaging or chat system, even better.

Bitrix24 also offers additional integrations in higher pricing tiers. There’s a free version of Microsoft Teams that give you free features like infinity chats. Online conference and video call is another feature provided by this app. You’ll also get ten gigabytes file storage for your team and two gigabytes of personal storage for every user. Online meeting applications can be downloaded on many devices. But usually, the one we use to have a meeting with many people is personal computers.