Here are a few highlights of the key regulatory changes that took place over the course of 2022 that made an impact on U.S. imports and exports. Our trade compliance specialist sets out to help supply chain and logistics organizations manage each new twist and turn in the ever-changing field of compliance. According to Miller, top providers are also discovering how essential their businesses are. As it processes in excess of one million orders per week, 3PL Central shippers may indeed offer a relevant barometer for the growth of the 3PL warehousing market. Out of the top 100 shippers, the average growth rate per 3PL exceeds 61%, with more than 80% experiencing growth. The purchases have expanded Maersk’s warehousing and distribution network in the U.S. from about 20 facilities at the start of 2020 to more than 150 at the completion of the Pilot acquisition, expected by the middle of this year. Maersk officials say they plan to buy or build at least another 12 warehouses in the U.S. this year.

Expeditors is a logistics and supply chain company headquartered in the Seattle, WA area that employs 5001 to people. The company has its best ratings for the people you work with (3.9 stars) and paid time off (3.6 stars). Total Quality Logistics is a logistics and supply chain company headquartered in the Austin, TX area that employs 1001 to 5000 people.

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Shippabo streamlines the logistics industry with its cloud-based supply chain management platform. With Shippabo’s platform, companies can connect to systems like Quickbooks, centralize all data and communicate with in-app messages. The Shippabo team can then leverage its relationships with top shipping companies to meet the demands and deadlines of each delivery. While it may not be the largest logistics company overall, Barrett Distribution has grown to over 400 employees and a network uss express review of more than 3 million square feet of state-of-the-art warehousing capacity, strategically located across the US. A privately held company, high performance teams serve more than one hundred and fifty customers in an array of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods to the highly demanding automotive parts and online retail markets. Kenco Logistic Services LLC provides distribution, transportation, material handling and real estate leasing services for various industries.

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  • Their comprehensive product suite, which includes dashcams, GPS trackers, and fuel maintenance technology, provides shipping companies with the tools necessary to secure their shipments and keep their customers happy.
  • The company has its best ratings for support for diversity (4.2 stars) and equal opportunities for women and men (3.8 stars).
  • Our warehousing space gives you the ability to grow your footprint in a shared environment to minimize costs.

Some of the features offered for fleet deliveries include a live-tracking interface and complete integration. View a top company’s Glassdoor profile for more information on average salaries, additional compensation, benefits, open positions, and more. This session will provide insight into how warehouses can improve their dock scheduling process to avoid the typical chaos during peak season and beyond.

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The overall U.S. 3PL market growth was 15.8% in 2018, the highest it has been since 2010, followed by a decline of -0.3% in 2019. Taking the last decade into consideration, 3PLs have developed business at an average of two to three times the rate of growth in the U.S. economy. When it comes to logistics and real estate, few companies compare to Flagler Global Logistics. Our firm’s roots date back more than a century to Florida’s transportation and real estate pioneer, Henry Flagler. RXO CEO Drew Wilkerson plans to grow his newly launched brokerage company while focusing on technology development to gain market share, he said Nov. 3. Logistics services provider Ascend announced it acquired Fuchs Trucking, based in Sauk City, Wis., a move intended to deepen Ascend’s footprint in the upper Midwest. Companies with at least 10 submissions from current or former US-based employees are eligible for this list.

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It maintains a fleet of about 690 aircraft and more than 50,000 motor vehicles and trailers. To complement the express delivery business, FedEx Ground provides small-package ground delivery in North America, and less-than-truckload carrier FedEx Freight hauls larger shipments. FedEx Office stores offer a variety of document-related and other business services and serve as retail hubs for other FedEx units. The global logistics industry is responsible for the movement of goods around the world.

You have slow supply chains or are in need of a supply chain optimization and management solution to get orders processed quicker. The only thing we pride ourselves on more than our order fulfillment services is our customer service. Logistics companies are designed to handle high volumes of orders quickly and accurately. This means that logistics companies can often offer lower shipping prices than individual merchants can secure on their own. For many retailers, online and brick-and-mortar, they will find that their customer satisfaction goes up and their logistics costs go down when they switch to using a fulfillment logistics company instead of self-fulfillment. He company designed software to improve the fulfillment process for businesses.

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Stord is a logistics and supply chain company headquartered in the Atlanta, GA area that employs 501 to 1000 people. The company has its best ratings for paid time off (4.8 stars) and maternity and adoptive leave (4.6 stars). Trusted by industry leaders like Unilever and Target, Transfix is one of the country’s biggest logistics providers, with a team of industry experts constantly imagining new ways for companies to take control of their supply chains.


The conventional retail logistics segment is expected to remain the dominant segment of the two through 2030. Keep the control you want over your fulfillment process without the hassle of managing it all yourself.ShipBob works within a variety of industries with years of experience. If you are ready to make the switch to ShipBob, fill out the form below to get started. You currently don’t have warehouse space or no designated distribution center. For example, ShipBob has negotiated with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL for bulk shipping discounts.

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They step in to manage everything from warehouse management and distribution to transportation services. We offer a variety of transportation services to get your product delivered where it needs to be on your deadline and your budget. Narin Phol, Maersk’s managing director for North America, said shippers spend eight to nine times more on domestic logistics such as trucking, warehousing and delivery than on international ocean freight, the company’s core business. “Now we want to get access to and bring the two flows together,” Mr. Phol said. Logistics companies are third-party fulfillment providers that offer order processing and services like warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping. Formerly known as KeepTruckin, Motive is an innovator in the fleet management space, offering trucking and shipping companies management software to track their cargo and drivers, maintaining safety and efficiency. Their comprehensive product suite, which includes dashcams, GPS trackers, and fuel maintenance technology, provides shipping companies with the tools necessary to secure their shipments and keep their customers happy.

We’re proud to offer this price discount with a two-day shipping guarantee, allowing smaller merchants to compete with national retailers. Based on interviews with more than 25 early adopters of collaborative mobile robots , this report assesses how AMRs increase labor productivity and fulfillment flexibility, and yield a multi-million dollar net present value. API Logistics North America prides itself on being an innovator since establishing itself back in 1980. They introduced the concept of the guaranteed LCL/LTL service, changing the way things got done in the industry.

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Warehouse Services, Inc prides themselves on delivering bottom-line value while reducing the overall costs of their customers. They continue to expand their presence throughout various regions of the country. We handle a variety of products, however, we have extensive volumes in the below industries. Three of the nation’s top market analysts examine the current state of the freight railroad and… Finally, he sees freight recovery happening in the air sector faster than personal travel. While stay-at-home orders imposed by government leaders may have challenged many logistics managers, one prominent player in the marketplace has found a way prosper within the “new normal” mandate. “In addition, those 3PLs with a strong pharma/healthcare emphasis such as UPS and DHL also will see cold chain services grow,” says Morrow Roberson.