Customer Support

Navaradhi Technologies has built up a solid name in the Banking, Security, and Point of sale industry over the past 10 years for support excellence. We pride ourselves in professional support and being available 24/7/365. We strive to resolve issues timeously as we fully understand that minimizing down time. We offer on-site & online support. We have the highest technician to customer ration amongst our competitors, ensuring availability of support assistance when you need it most.

Navaradhi Technologies Call-Centre – 0891 - 2718034, 0866 - 2572771

Navaradhi Technologies has a Call-Centre that is the first point of contact for all our customers across the AP. All calls are recorded and logged into our sophisticated Call-Centre tracking software, this is why a reference number is issued for all calls. Please make sure you insist on a reference number to assist when following up on an outstanding issue.

Call-Centre staff will perform some basic problem solving with you telephonically and have the capability to dial into your store and assist remotely. If the issue can’t be resolved telephonically or remotely then our Call-Centre will dispatches a technician on-site in the relevant region. These on-site calls are then monitored by the Call-Centre manager as well as the various branch managers around the AP. Any on-site calls not being resolved in a timeous manor will be escalated to management attention. All calls to the Call Centre are recorded and we have the ability to pull Call-Centre recordings to investigate customer queries.

Even requests for non-support related queries like training & stationery should be logged with the Call-Centre who in turn will distribute to the relevant branch for action. If customers call our technicians on their direct lines, these calls are unfortunately not logged and cannot be monitored or investigated by management.