It is the advanced technology based Handheld Ticketing Machine with Graphic display. It’s powered by large capacity battery and consumes low power. It has 2″ thermal printer with 100KM printer head life. It is built for applications like Bus Ticketing, Micro Finance, Pigmy & Loan Collection, Parking and Billing, Toll plaza, Van Distribution, Food Truck Etc.



Hardware Specifications
Battery 7.4V Li-ion, 2200mAh
Input Power 9.0V, 750mA
Printer 2 Inch Thermal Printer
Print Resolution 8 dot/mm
Printing Speed 50mmps
Print Head Reliability 100km
Operator Display 128×64 pixels Graphics LCD
Cutter Method Tear bar
Paper End Sensor Available
PC Interface USB B-Type cable
Dimensions(LxWxH) 229x82x48 mm
Weight 435g
Software Specifications
Print Font English – 9×15(WxH)
Character Size 1.5×3.0 mm(WxH)
Logo store memory Maximum 4 Kilobytes